Learning to Appreciate the Environment from a Child’s Point of View

Research is conducted regarding a child’s point of view as to how they appreciate mother earth. It aims to promote awareness to the society on environmental care from all the people across the world. The purpose is to believe that everyone can be an agent of change towards having a better place to live in such as a healthier and greener life.

Imagine what it would look like if everything in the world is filled with trees, more plants, and colorful flowers? Perhaps life would be different as well if you learn to begin appreciating what it is to have an environment that has less garbage.

Factors that affects environmental appreciation.

Indeed, you cannot control the world from revolving and everything that comes along with it too that includes the rise of high-end technology. The more significant this has become, people begin to care less with the circle of surroundings that they belong to. It may not be nature, but the first thing that is being slowly destroyed is the relationship towards each other.

If you were to compare the world a few years ago, and the world of today, there is a great impact as to how society has changed. Little did you know that by the time you look around again, everything is different. But would you wait if the time will come wherein nothing is left? A barren land that only humans can destroy? Imagine how your children will grow in a land where trees are no longer visible? This can be very daunting!

For sure you are thinking by now, what could be the possible world damaging causes? Well, there are many, and you could be one of the many that can lead to a barren world. The future of your children relies on what your hands are doing now.

You may be working so hard to give them the best that life has to offer but what about the simple things that most people nowadays often neglect? Here is a child’s point of view with regards to appreciating the environment.

Child’s play on the grounds- in comparison to the generation of old, things were very different as there were a lot of days to spend playing outside rather than staying at home. They grew up to be more efficient and balanced towards socializing with people and able to cope up easily with anything that they struggled with. Whereas, the generation of today, they are less exposed to the outside environment where they get to spend playing rather than playing their mobile phones, laptops or even tablets.

The importance to experience the outdoor environment- come to think of it, your child is still developing and curious about the world. Wouldn’t it be better to have your child be exposed to what nature is all about and how it is even beneficial to their health? Another factor is that they can develop social skills towards other children of the same age.

This will make them become a better individual that is responsible and caring to the environment.

Improving the outdoor playground- wouldn’t it be great to see your child playing on the playground rather than spending their time in the house playing PSP, Xbox and other computer games that do not give them benefits at all?

Designing a playground- as there is already an environmental appreciation, people begin to determine how technology has greatly influenced one child to the other and that is why building a good playground for them to appreciate what it is to be playing outdoors and why it is more fun than being alone.

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